“Research on the influence of self-healing, organic-inorganic sol-gel layers on the corrosion resistance and fatigue of steel in the VHCF range”  (UMO-2020/39/I/ST5/03493) founded by the National Science Centre, Poland under the cooperation with Lead Agency Procedure (LAP) in the Weave program, principal investigator, 12.2021 – ongoing

„Improving the Efficiency of Hydrogen Storage Vessels through Novel Oxide Coatings – HyStor” (NOR/SGS/HyStor/0306/2020-00)  founded by the National Center for Research and Development in Poland under the Small Grant Scheme (SGS) project, Programme ‘Applied Research’ financed through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, principal investigator, 10.2021 – ongoing

Participation in “Mechanism of joining of submicrometer ceramics particles in the process of low pressure cold spraying” (2016/23/D/ST8/00675) -07. 2017 – 07.2020

Research task in „Nanocomposites and SMART materials” (POIG 01.01.02-02-002/08) implemented by WUT for Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ – 06.2010-06.2014

Participation in „Synthesis and research of physicochemical properties of titanium dioxide nanofibres using sol gel and hydrothermal methods” implemented by WUT for Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+  – 2010-2013

Participation in “Functional nano- and micro- textile materials NANOMITEX” (POIG.01.03.01-00-004/08) – 2008 – 2013

„Sol-gel silica and titania nanopowders and thin films with metallic nanoprecipitations and molecular imprints. Bacteriostatic and sorptive properties”  (KBN 3 T08D 03128)

„Smart metallic, ceramic and polymeric materials (design – synthesis – structure – characteristics – application)” (PBZ-KBN-115/T08/2004)

„Polymeric materials modified with nanoparticles. Technology, characteristics, application” (PBZ-KBN-095/T08/2003)