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#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans – O'Reilly Radar

Internet Rzeczy () staje się dziś coraz bardziejpopularną ideą. My, ciągle jeszcze, jesteśmy na etapie przemyśleń. Gdzie indziej — zaczyna być to realizowane.

W cytowanym artykule garść przemyśleń Tima O’Reilly:

My point is that when you think about the Internet of Things, you should be thinking about the complex system of interaction between humans and things, and asking yourself how sensors, cloud intelligence, and actuators which may be other humans for now make it possible to do things differently. It is that creativity in finding the difference that will lead to the breakthrough applications for the Internet of Things and Humans.

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Research Provides Tools to Make Future Mobile Networks Self-Sustaining | MIT Technology Review

A dirty secret of mobile communications is that it uses lots of electricity. It’s also sometimes powered by giant tanks of diesel fuel, especially in poor countries. But new research shows that it’s possible to build complex networks that run on renewable or other local power sources, with no need for backup from the electricity grid or diesel fuel.

Small transmitters, called small cells, will provide much of the capacity for future networks. These small cells might be tethered to small windmills or solar panels and batteries, or even include their own built-in power sources and batteries, as in this prototype. But fluctuations in the electricity generated at each cell could make the networks they serve less reliable.

Source: Research Provides Tools to Make Future Mobile Networks Self-Sustaining | MIT Technology Review.