Jerzy Detyna


Wrocław, 50-370
25 Mariana Smoluchowskiego street
building B1
office: 113, B1
tel.: +48 71 320 3496
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Scientific/didactic interests:
  1. Mathematical methods in bioengineering - analysis of the selection effectiveness of stochastic models in dynamic systems of many particles (e.g. according to the Akaike criterion), - fractional differential systems and their applications in mechanics, - methods for estimating parameters of the functions copula family  (connecting functions) based on Shannon entropy, - conditions for dynamic stability of repetitive processes in many particle systems, - Bayesian methods: Bayesian estimation of parameters of random variable distributions, Bayesian inference in regression analysis, Bayesian classification rules in discriminant analysis, - bootstrap methods: use of the bootstrap method for Bayesian estimation, non-parametric bootstrap inference.
  2. Statistical methods in quality control: - use of advanced signal analysis methods in statistical quality control.