Paweł Gąsior

face Contact:
Wrocław, 50-370
25 Mariana Smoluchowskiego street
building B1
office: 110 B1
tel.: +48 71 320 3919
Scientific/didactic interests:
I work as a specialist at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. I'm engineer with technical expertise in application of measurements and SHM techniques based on optical fibre methods  for structural assessment, as well as its implementation for power engineering, chemical industry, and numerous highly stressed metallic and composite structures, high pressure vessels and other structures. My interests are also connected with hydrogen storage, fuel cells and their applications (vehicles and stationary). I was involved in numerous EU founded projects on SHM and high pressure vessels for gaseous fuels storage (Hydrogen, CNG). I'm also responsible for Laboratory of High Pressure Vessels, which offers various hydraulic tests in a pressure range from 0 up to 2800 bar, at ambient and extreme conditions (-40... +85 °C).