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Prof. Grzegorz Lesiuk awarded by the University of Porto

For many years, prof. Grzegorz Lesiuk, cooperates with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto). We have hosted lecturers from both academic staff and doctoral students at our seminar many times.

Prof. Lesiuk was also involved in international exchange (students and doctoral students) between universities.

In particular, he is involved in the work of the Structural Integrity Research Laboratory, which brings together employees, PhD students and final-year Master’s students interested in these issues related to the resistance of large structures (mechanical or construction) to the loads occurring in them.

On October 31, 2023, prof. Lesiuk gave a lecture entitled Energy approach in fatigue crack growtch description in metals addressed to employees and students of the Faculty of Engineering. This meeting was an opportunity to award prof. Lesiuk with a medal honoring his many years of scientific activity for the development of FEUP.


Wrocław University of Science and Technology is a member of the T.I.M.E. Advisory Committee.

As you may have noticed, in recent days the General Meeting of the T.I.M.E organization (Top International Managers in Engineering Association) was held at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

Representatives of 48 universities from 21 countries deliberated for three days. This was reported on the website of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Our University has been a member of this association since 2004. From Poland, the AGH University of Science and Technology is also present there.

General Assembly of T.I.M.E. Members decided to admit the Wrocław University of Science and Technology to the Advisory Committee of this organization. This gives us an opportunity to make even better use of the opportunities offered by the organization:

  • Double diplomas;
  • Research internships;
  • Summer schools;
  • Massive open online courses.

This is very important from the University’s point of view and increases our chances for “internationalization”.

Prof. Grzegorz Lesiuk was also involved in presenting the potential of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, whose recent activity (ACASIS, BIP) also contributed to the good assessment of the University.

Professor Wołodymyr W. Panasiuk passed away

Панасюк Володимир Васильович

With great sadness and regret that we received the news of the death of Professor Volodymyr V. Panasyuk.

We had a long-term, deep friendship with Professor Volodymyr V. Panasyuk. He was a mentor to many of our actions, and above all, a kind and devoted friend, thanks to whom we learned not only about the achievements of the Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, but also about his beautiful homeland.

We experienced from the Professor not only the possibility of creative cooperation, but also a lot of warmth and very human and selfless kindness.

We will miss Professor Volodymyr V. Panasyuk very much. However, we believe that our cooperation and cordial friendship between the Departament and Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute will remain unchanged.

You can find here the photo from the hall of the main building of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, where there is a commemorative information with the obituary of Professor Volodymyr V. Panasyuk and condolences (in Polish).

Grzegorz Lesiuk awrded by ESIS

At the last meeting of the Technical Committee TC 12 (Risk Analysis and Safety of Large Atractions and Components) of the ESIS (European Structural Integrity Society) dr inż. Grzegorz Lesiuk received the Merit Award for his work for the ESIS technical committee and scientific contribution to the international conference IRAS 2019 associated with TC 12 ESIS.

Dr Lesiuk received the prize during the gala of the IRAS 2019 conference, where the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Tomasz Nowakowski, was also present.

New member of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy Codes and Standards Division

During the meeting of The First International Forum on Hydrogen Codes, Standards and Safety, which took place in Foshan (China) on 12-13.06.2019 dr inż. Paweł Gąsior was appointed to the International Association for Hydrogen Energy Codes and Standards Division.

The aim of this organization is to use the results of the latest scientific research and best engineering practices to develop and harmonize standards / legal regulations (RCS, Regulation-Codes-Standards) in the area of increasing the safety of using “hydrogen” technologies in the power industry.

It was established in 2016 and brings together researchers from the USA, Japan, and the UK. Britain, China, France, Canada, Germany, Poland. Her works are currently chaired by Prof. Jinyang Zheng (Zhejiang University).

Cooperation with Portuguese Academic Institutions

Rita Dantas

In the framework of the cooperation with the universities of Porto and Coimbra, we will host two people (PhD Student Bruno Pedrosa from Coimbra) and Ms. Rita Dantas from the University of Porto.

Bruno Pedrosa

We will host them from 01.03.2019-30.05.2019. The scientific supervisors will be Dr Grzegorz Lesiuk and Prof. Mieczysław Szata (Dr Lesiuk is also the supervisor of Ms. Rita Dantas in Porto).

Guests will actively participate in experimental research conducted under the supervision of Dr Lesiuk. We expect that they will present the results of their research at one of the cyclical seminars organized by our Department.

We hope that the positive effects of the cooperation will result in an intensive personal exchange.

Prof. Boccaccini: visiting professor in Wrocław, Poland

Following an invitation of the “VISITING PROFESSORS” program funded by ‘Scientiae Wratislavienses’ of the City of Wroclaw, Poland, Prof. Boccaccini will visit Wrocław University of Science and Technology, on 22-24 May 2017. The program of the visit includes four lectures by Professor Boccaccini, namely:

  1. Synthesis and characterization of biomaterials incorporating biologically active ions,
  2. Bioactive nanocomposites – progress and challenges,
  3. Bioactive Glasses in Soft Tissue Repair. What Do We Know So Far? 
  4. Biofabrication approaches and Bioactive Materials for Tissue Engineering and Cancer Research: Progress and Challenges.

The visit will involve also meetings with faculty and discussion about collaborative research between Institute of Biomaterials, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Department of Mechanics, Materials Science and Engineering (host: Dr. Justyna Krzak) at Wrocław University of Science and Technology.