The 1st Summer School

The 1 st Polish-Ukrainian-German Summer School of Fracture Mechanics “Fracture Mechanics and Strength of Structures”

Organizing Committee
  • Prof. W. Kasprzak — Chairman
  • Dr. M. Szata — Vice-chairman
  • Dr. M. Rybachuk — Secretary
  • Prof. O. Andreikiv
  • Prof. L. Gołaski
  • Prof. V. Panasyuk
  • Prof. A. Neimitz
  • Prof. S. Sähn
Opening of the Summer School
  • Opening address of Dr. M. Szata, Director of the Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics of the Wroclaw University Technology.
  • Speech of Prof. W. Kasprzak
  • Speech of Prof. V. Panasyuk
  1. Panasyuk V. Summary of research development in fracture mechanics and strength of materials.
  2. Lectures of Prof. V. Panasyuk, Prof. O. Andreikiv, Prof. A. Neimitz, Prof. S. Sähn on fracture criteria and methods of structural life assessing.
  3. Short reports of the School participants.
Concluding discussion

New trends in development of fracture mechanics, in particular the problems of the influence of cyclic and dynamic loading on fracture of structural materials, the influence of environment, hydrogen, first of all, have been discussed. The tasks of the Summer Schools on Fracture Mechanics and the following topics were clarified (see the resolution of the 1st Summer School).