The 2nd Sumer School

“Dynamic Aspects of Fracture Mechanics”

The 2nd Summer School was held in accordance with the agreement between Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (KPhMI), Lviv and the Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics of the Wroclaw University of Technology (TU), Poland and Dresden University of Technology (TU).

The above-mentioned Institutes organized the 1st Summer School in June 1995. It was devoted to the “Mechanics of Cracking. Mathematical Basis and Introduction to Experiments”. The main lectures were given by: Prof. V. V. Panasyuk (KPhMI, Lviv), Prof. O. Ye. Andreykiv (KPhMI, Lviv), Prof. S. Sähn (TU, Dresden), Prof. A. Neimitz (TU, Kielce).

Professor Waciaw Kasprzak is the chairman of the Scientific Board of the Schools. Organizing Committee: Dr. Mieczysław Szata and Grażyna Kończal, MSc.

The 2nd School, financially supported by Volkswagenstiftung, was devoted to the Dynamic Aspects of Fracture Mechanics, taking into account fatigue problems.

The first part of the 2nd Summer School considered the following subjects:

  • Criteria of materials fracture under dynamic loading.
  • Mathematical methods of solution of fracture mechanics dynamic problems.
  • Experimental method for evaluation of crack extension resistance dynamic characteristics.
  • Energetic approach to fatigue crack iniation in growth

The above topics were presented by Prof. V. V. Panasyuk and Prof. O. Ye. Andreykiv.

Prof. S. Sahn discussed the subjects:

  • Assessment of strength under cyclic loading.
  • A model of fatigue strength phenomena: endurance, crack initiation, growth of small- and macrocracks, crack arrest.

Prof. K. L. Kotte (TU, Dresden) presented the following lectures:

  • Life assessment under random loading of structural components.
  • Data collection for evaluation and improvement of calculation methods.

Prof. L. Varkoly (TU, Zilina) gave a lecture on:

  • Usage of fatigue crack closure concept in modern machine design.

The second part of the 2nd Summer School was devoted to the industrial application of fracture mechanics (among the participants besides the research workers, readers (27), and postgraduate students (10) there was a group from industry (13). The state of materials and structures was mainly discussed. The solutions of the problems as well as the unsolved problems in practice were presented.

The main subjects in this part were:

  • Accoustic emission problems for the case of formation and propagation of cracks in solids — Prof. V. V. Panasyuk and Prof. 0. Ye. Andreykiv.
  • Video-magnetic system for determination of bi-axial stresses under cyclic loading — Dr. J. Kaleta.
  • Boundary element method for dynamic analysis — Dr. Piotr Fedelicski.
  • Transportation and accumulation of hydrogen in front of the crack tip into metal — Dr. Jan Lachowski.
  • A nondestructive method of evaluation of the materials tendency to brittle fracture — Dr. Jerzy Laska.
  • Assessment of materials, operating in creep conditions by the nondestructive testing of microstructure — Dr. Jerzy Laska.
  • Cracking of wood elements with composite strengthening — Pawel Kassakowski.

The 70th birthday of Prof. V. V. Panasyuk was a nice occasion to present his scientific achievements during the years of his highly productive activity. Especially was underlined his share in organization and realization of the Summer Schools of Fracture Mechanics. Prof. V. Panasyuk initiated both schools and was the author of the scientific programs.

Full proceedings are published by the Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics of the Wroclaw University of Technology.

The 3rd Summer School of Fracture Mechanics devoted to the Assessment Methods of Engineering Materials, Components and Structures especially in corrosion environment will be held in June 1997.

Waclaw Kasprzak,
Mieczyslaw Szata