MMM031303: Information Technology


  1. Introduction:
  2. Extra! Information and Information Technology
  3. Information Technology MMM031303W (Syllabus, history of computers, etc,…)
  4. Computers’ arithmetic.
  5. Floating-point numbers.
  6. Computer architecture.
  7. Software.
  8. Algorithms Part I.
  9. Expressing algorithms (Algorithms Part II)
  10. The Turing Machine (Algorithms Part III)
  11. Algorithmic Methods (Algorithms Part IV)
  12. Can the computer be wrong?
  13. A Short Lecture about Publications
  14. Lawrence Lessig — The Free Culture and some of his talks:
    1. Lawrence Lessig Speaking in Auckland (2008)
    2. Lawrence Lessig: “Free Culture” | Talks at Google (2007)
    3. Lawrence Lessig Interviews Edward Snowden (2014)


  1. Methods of binary to decimal number conversion (lecture 2).
  2. Rounding rules (lecture 3)
  3. Absolute error estimation for other operations (power, square root, other… lecture 3)
  4. Arithmetic operations on a “rough values”… (lecture 3)
  5. Simple program for MARIE simulator (lecture 4)
  6. Meaning of acronyms (CISC, RISC, VLIW, EPIC, x86, x86-64,… lecture 5)
  7. Maze in Blockly: all levels (lecture 5)
  8. Greatest Common Denominator (GCD) in Blockly (lecture 5); one can choose an on-line editor at Google: or “local”
  9. Algorithm B (training on paper: choose two three or four digits numbers and follow the algorithm, lecture 5)