6th Bohemian – Saxon – Silesian Mechanics-Colloquium

Dear Colleagues!

The 6th Bohemian-Saxon-Silesian Mechanics-Colloquium is organized by the Institute of Structural Engineering at the University of Zielona Góra on 22nd October 2005.

The aim of these scientific meetings isto bring together colleagues from the neighbouring regions of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, and to exchange ideas in the field of solid and fluid mechanics.

It is our great pleasure to sincerely invite you to the 6th Bohemian-Saxon-Silesian Mechanics-Colloquium and to present our Institute.

On behalf of the Institute
Mieczyslaw Kuczma, Director


Professors at the Institute:

  • Tadeusz Biliski
  • Józef Gil
  • Jakub Marcinowski
  • Antoni Matysiak
  • Janusz Szelka
  • Romuald Witka
  • Józef Wranik
  • Adam Wysokowski
  • Mieczyslaw Kuczma
  • Jacek Przybylski
  • Krzysztof Wilmaski

Zielona Góra, 22nd October 2005

Pictures from this event.

Programme of the Mechanics Colloquium

Friday, 21st October 2005,
19:00 ­ 21:00 Get-together (4a Szafrana street, campus A of UZ)

Saturday, 22nd October 2005

9.30 Coffee break

10:00 Opening session

  • Deputy Rector for Scientific Research and International Cooperation of the UZ Prof. Józef Korbicz
  • Deputy Dean for Scientific Affairs of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Beata Gabryś
  • Director of the Institute of Structural Engineering Prof. Mieczysław Kuczma

Session I
10:15 Prof. Krzysztof Wilmański Thermodynamical modelling of immiscible mixtures (porous materials).
10:33 Prof. Jakub Marcinowski Stability of a spherical cap loaded by the external pressure.
10:51 MSc. Joanna Kaliszuk Reliability analysis of a cylindrical shell using a hybrid FEM/ANN simulation in the Monte Carlo Method.
11:09 Dr. Elżbieta Grochowska, Prof. Antoni Matysiak Analytical and numerical analysis of steel ­ concrete composite beams expanded in their upper parts.
11:27 MSc. Bożena Kuczma, Prof. Mieczysław Kuczma Composite beams with deformable connection.
11:27 Prof. Mieczyslaw Kuczma Shape memory alloys ­ modelling and numerical simulation.
11:45 Coffee break

Session II
12:30 Prof. Adam Wysokowski Full scale fatigue testing of corrugated steel ­ soil culverts.
12:48 Dr. Waldemar Szajna Numerical modelling of soil ­steel culverts interaction.
13:06 Prof. Mieczysław Kuczma, MSc. Krystyna Wybranowska Numerical homogenization of brick masonry.
13:24 Prof. Mieczysław Kuczma, MSc. Krzysztof Kula Finite element analysis of fibre ­ composite plates.
13:42 Dr. Tomasz Socha Experimental and theoretical modelling of wooden beams enforced with composite bars.
14:00 Lunch break
15:00 Visiting the new (under construction) building of the Institute of Structural Engineering