Testowy dostęp do bazy ESDU

Baza zawiera poradniki, podręczniki, opracowania i oprogramowanie wspomagające badania i projektowanie z wielu dziedzin. Dostęp trwa tylko do 25 marca 2005!

  1. composites
  2. construction engineering
  3. dynamics
  4. engineering structures
  5. fatigue – endurance data
  6. fatgue – fracture mechanics
  7. fluid mechanics, internal flow
  8. fluid mechanics, internal flow (aerospace)
  9. heat transfer
  10. mechanisms
  11. metallic materials data handbook
  12. performance
  13. physical data, chemical engineering
  14. physical data, mechanical engineering
  15. process and environmental technology
  16. sound propagation
  17. stress and strength
  18. structures
  19. tribology
  20. vibration and acoustic fatigue
  21. wind engineering

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Poniżej abstrakt opisujący zawartość bazy danych o kompozytach:

These volumes provide a rapidly growing collection of data for use in the design of fibre-reinforced laminated composite materials. The information is provided primarily for use in aerospace, but has wide application to other areas of engineering where composite materials offer benefits.The volumes contain the solutions to many strength analysis problems met in the design of fibre-reinforced laminated composite structures. These include failure criteria, plate vibration and buckling, analysis of bonded joints, and stress concentrations, in addition to the calculation of basic stiffnesses and stresses including built-in thermal stresses. Laminated composites can be specified in very many forms and assembled in a multitude of lay-up arrangements. Because of this complexity the only practical form in which many of the solutions can be provided is as a computer program, and Fortran programs are provided for many of the analysis methods. In addition to the freedom to change the overall geometry the designer in composites has the freedom to arrange the material strength and/or stiffness to meet the local loading. This complicates the design process and it is often difficult to select a route to the best combination of geometry and material. The volumes contain guidance on the factors influencing the design and suggest methods of achieving the desired solution.